6 etiquettes to follow during Corona times

Prevent COVID19 through social distancing

6 etiquettes to follow during Corona times

Cough etiquettes

Always cover your mouth, while coughing/sneezing. After coughing/sneezing, make sure you sanitise your hands. Please wear a mask if you are coughing/sneezing frequently.

Lift etiquettes

Do not forget to sanitise your hands, especially fingers after pressing the lift switches. It is recommended to use the stairs whenever possible.

Phone etiquettes

Do not place your phone on furniture in public places. Sanitise your phone frequently using cotton and sanitiser.

Gym etiquettes

Always place a towel on the contact surface of the gym equipment. Sanitise the contact surface of the gym equipment yourself before and after using it. Ensure proper sanitisation of gym mats. Avoid crowded gyms, and it is advisable to do home workouts in the present situation

Food etiquettes

Do not serve food using bare-hands. Use spoons, tongs etc. to serve food. Restaurant employees should wear hand gloves while at work

Travel etiquettes

Always carry a bottle of sanitiser with you whenever you go out. Avoid unnecessarily touching the handrails/pillars in public places. If you have touched the handrails/pillars, sanitise your hands. Avoid public transport as much as possible. Travel, only in case if it is unavoidable. Wash your hands and face thoroughly using soap and water once you are back at home from travel

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