Bring a Smile

Families belonging to lower income groups have been worst hit with many losing their loved ones and perhaps their only source of livelihood. Now, more than ever, our community needs us. And we need you! Your partnership can help bring back a       on their faces.
‘Bring a Smile’ is a project initiated by Value Education Trust to respond to the COVID 19 crisis that is crippling our people in the community who are unskilled and survive on daily wages to meet their family’s day to day needs.

Here is how you can partner with us

Hygiene Kits

We provide hygiene kits to vulnerable and downtrodden communities who have little or no access to the sanitation standards and amenities required to prevent coronavirus.

A kit contains:

  1. Paracetamol
  2. Vitamin C supplement
  3. Hand-wash
  4. Hand Sanitizer
  5. Cloth Masks(set of 3)
  6. Pain balm

Dry-Ration Kits

We provide dry-ration kits to families of unskilled labourers surviving on daily wages.

A Kit can feed a family of five for a week and contains:

  1. Rice
  2. Flour
  3. Tea Powder
  4. Sugar
  5. Oil
  6. Bathing Soap

Bring A Smile!

We invite your partnership in bringing a smile back on the faces of our people.


You Have Brought Back A Smile On Their Faces

Dry-ration and Hygiene kits distributed to 110 deserving families at Chellanam in
Ernakulam District.


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