Learning through the Trials of Life

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

It can be said the trials of this life will ultimately lead to joy if we discover how to use adversity to grow stronger! This has been testified by the life of famous personalities who aimed for the sky and reached high positions in life.

Take the life of the former President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. He was born into poverty and was self-educated. Education and the will power to succeed empowered him to become a lawyer and serve as the country’s President.

In a country like India, many children face the trials of life very early in their childhood. Anuja, born into a low-income family in Kerala, lives in a flood-prone area in the Edathua village in Kuttanad, Alleppey district. Her family consists of her father, mother and an elder sister, who is a BBA student.

They live in a dilapidated old house with a metal sheet roof. The house has only three small rooms, and the bathroom is outside the home. At night Anuja and her sister find it quite challenging to use the outside toilet. The house got partially damaged in the floods that ravaged Kerala in 2018 & they were not able to apply for loans/aid from the Panchayat to repair their home.

Every week they need to buy and transport 105 litres of clean drinking water as the well water is polluted. In the monsoons, her family seeks shelter at flood relief camps almost every year. Several days of cleaning is required before they can make their home livable.

Anuja’s father was initially working as a daily wage labourer. He set up a small, petty shop in a small room adjacent to their home to sell milk and provisions and earn a meagre income of Rs. 250/- per day.  He also works on their ancestral farm to supplement his monthly income. Anuja’s mother works as a daily wage labourer; she also stitches garments for her neighbours. The family finds it hard to make ends meet.

Anuja has completed her schooling (grade 12) and desires of becominga veterinary doctor one day. A hard-working student, Anuja used to bicycle long distances to school every day and was also an active participant in sports events and annual youth festivals.

Her dream to become a veterinary doctor took wings when she started to take care of their pet cow. Despite not having enough means of livelihood, Anuja’s father harbours a desire deep inside to educate both his daughters, but it becomes a constant struggle. Both parents have taken loans to educate their daughters. Anuja’s sister, even though she desires to continue her education, is now forced to take up a small job to help her father pay off the loans.

Every child has a right to education! Value Education Trust (VET) supports child education in India and promotes the betibachao, betipadhaoyojana . VET has started offering career guidance to Anuja, knowing her sad plight and potential. VET works through contributions only from within India. You too can support and donate for child education and change a child’s life like Anuja’s forever! Help Anuja realise her dreams! Her desire to be a veterinary professional will become a reality only if benevolent minded persons like you come forward with generous contributions.

Sponsor a child’s education at VET & be a part of this Movement.

#Gift_a_Child_ a_Future.

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