Mariya is not only an excellent student having scored A+ grade in all subjects in her Class 10 exams, she has also won prizes for elocution competitions at the district level. A nature enthusiast, she has also come out with flying colours in competitions held at the sub-district level for budding, grafting and layering. A story written by her based on a real life character was published in the book ‘Pralayam 2018’ which was released in 2019. Mariya is studying in Class 12 and aspires to become a Gynaecologist. However, her parents cannot afford to send her to coaching classes for the NEET entrance exam.

Value Education Trust is committed to empowering Mariya. With your support, we will provide her with free access to career guidance, psychometric testing, counselling and academic support to help Mariya pursue the profession of her choice.

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