Mathematical Proficiency

The Issue We Address:

It is pretty shocking to know that in India, a country with a mathematics heritage stretching back to Aryabhata and Ramanujan, the mathematical skills of 230 million children in primary and secondary education are in steep decline! Facts reveal that one out of two grade 8 students cannot solve a problem that involves basic division. And only 44% of children in grade 8 can solve a 3-digit by 1-digit numerical division problem.Children struggle with maths because of the way in which it is taught in school. Mathematics has the potential to unleash the children’s curiosity. But unfortunately at school, children learn Maths in a highly rote-memorisation-oriented manner. They mug up facts and formulae and solve repetitive drills based on this superficial learning and do not understand the basic concepts that are vital to understanding maths.

Our Solution:

One significant way to help children grasp the concepts in mathematics, is by introducing them to Vedic Mathematics. It a collection of simple techniques and includes 16 formulae and 13 sub-formulae. Vedic Mathematics can solve problems in arithmetic, algebra, calculus, geometry, and conics. As children learn Vedic Maths techniques, they become enabled to do complicated calculations mentally. Children who use Vedic Maths can solve problems 10-15 times faster than those using standard methods. The ability to do mental calculations quickly will be a significant advantage when they take competitive exams. In competitive exams such as UPSC, GPSC, CET, GATE, JEE & many others, applying Vedic Math techniques can help students find simple solutions for complex problems, improve precision, build stamina for quantitative aptitude and reasoning, and come out with flying colours.

The intervention we provide is outside the class hours and will include:
  • Training for teachers/community volunteers.
  • Production and publication of workbooks, and other instructional materials.