Psychometric Testing

We are witnessing a rise of several types of cutting-edge psychometric tests. For those of us who don’t know, these are diagnostic tools to gauge a person’s aptitude, ability, interests, personality type, values, beliefs and behaviors.

We recommend that students of class 10-12 take up psychometric aptitude tests.

But Why? To identify their best fit careers!

Students are surrounded by several hundreds of choices of careers. Every year, thousands of courses enter the market. Colleges are vying for students’ attention! Amid all the chaos, psychometric aptitude tests can be that guiding light for students in their journey forward in life.

A psychometric test followed by a personal career counselling session will help a student receive an objective assessment of himself/herself and allows the counsellor to help the student choose the right career for him/her.

A psychometric aptitude test in India costs 1000 to 3000 rupees. Students from vulnerably poor families are unable to afford to take the test. With our donors’ support, Value Education Trust provides free access to career guidance, psychometric testing, counselling and academic support for young people belonging to low-income families in India to help them pursue professions of their choice.

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