We Believe in Bringing a Change

Invest in Transforming Young Lives Through Education

Transforming Every Child, One at a Time

Our child sponsorship program is unique in that we provide highly personalised attention and care to each of our children, with the aim of bringing out the best in them.

We start with developing the child’s learning-skills, ensuring that their ability to learn gets 5 times better. This in turn enhances the skills of visualization, listening, concentration, logical reasoning, memorizing, and recalling along with developing superior mental arithmetic abilities. At grade 8, we give attention to developing the child’s mathematical proficiency, enabling the child to solve mathematical problems at the grade 9 level, 10-15 times faster and prepare them for competitive exams. When the child reaches grade 10, we concentrate on building their soft skills, life skills, study skills and career skills and also provide career guidance and counselling that will help the child to choose their best fit career.

All the above-mentioned interventions are integrated with character education which enhances the personal, character and work values of the child. If you would like to know more about sponsoring a child with VET, do write to us.