Sreeja’s Story

Sreeja Sugathan belongs to a low-income family and lives in the flood-prone Kalangara region in Alleppey District in Kerala. She has a younger brother. 

Her father is an auto-driver and makes hardly a hundred and fifty rupees a day. With the COVID crisis looming large, he finds it
very hard to feed his family of six.

His parents also live with him. His earnings not being sufficient to make their ends meet, Sreeja’s mother works as a coolie under the daily wage employment scheme implemented by the Government of Kerala. She finds work about 100 days a year.

Their home, built on 5 cents of land, constructed with the State Government’s help, suffered heavy damage during the floods that ravaged Kerala in 2018. The Panchayat came to their rescue and helped them repair it partially.

Sreeja lives in a community where the majority of people work as daily wage labourers. There is an acute shortage of clean drinking water in the area; they fetch water when it is available from the public tap.

Sreeja is used to living with limited means but cherishes the dream of becoming a Paediatrician. She scored excellent marks in her 10th-grade exams, notching A+ in all subjects. She desires to serve the society and wants to bring change into the lives of poor and marginalised children.

However, her parents cannot afford to send her to coaching classes. Sreeja says she fears that her ambition to become a doctor will stay a distant dream!

Value Education Trust is committed to empowering children like Sreeja. With your support, we will provide Sreeja and others like her free access to career guidance, psychometric  testing, counselling and academic support to help them pursue professions of their choice. If you would like to help Sreeja achieve her dream of becoming a doctor, do make a contribution.

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