Story of Jobin Mariya and Sreeja

Story of Jobin

Jobin lives with his family in Kalangara, a flood-prone region in the Alleppey district of Kerala. His father is an autorickshaw driver. Jobin’s family lost their house during the devastating floods that hit Kerala in 2018. They were gifted a new place to live by a local NGO. Even though they have a well on their property, they need to buy and transport 100 litres of clean drinking water that lasts only for a week. Living in a water-logged area, they are wary of contracting malaria, dengue and other waterborne diseases, especially during the monsoon season.

Story of Sreeja

Sreeja Sugathan belongs to a low-income family and lives in the flood-prone Kalangara region in Alleppey District in Kerala. Her father is an auto-rickshaw driver who makes hardly a hundred and fifty rupees daily. His parents also live with them. His earnings are insufficient to meet their ends; Sreeja’s mother works as a coolie under the daily wage employment scheme implemented by the Government of Kerala. She finds work about 100 days a year. Their home, built on 5 cents of land, and constructed with the State Government’s help, suffered heavy damage during the floods that ravaged Kerala in 2018. The Panchayat came to their rescue and helped them repair it partially. Sreeja lives in a community where most people work as daily wage labourers. There is an acute shortage of clean drinking water in the area; they fetch water when it is available from the public tap.

Story of Mariya

Mariya belongs to a low-income family who lives in Koilmukku in the Edathua region of Alleppey district in Kerala. Her father is a chronic asthma patient and works as a daily wage labourer to feed his family of four. His physical condition deters him from being able to work on all days of the month. Mariya’s family lives in a two-room house gifted by the local Panchayath in a flood-prone colony where most people survive on daily wages for their living. Mariya’s house suffered extensive damage in the devastating floods that hit Kerala in 2018. They have not been able to get it wholly repaired due to a lack of financial resources. The family relies on a kiosk tank provided by the Government for their drinking water needs.

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