Value Based Education

Value based education is important for children

Value-based education endorses a schooling-culture built around positivity, universal human values, and the ways to develop and express them.

The core idea of Value-based education is to inculcate respect, empathy, justice, humility, and altruism in children. Children shall understand the importance of these values and look for ways to adopt them into their lives.

We are living in times in which it is imperative to develop a sense of empathy in children. Empathy towards not just fellow beings, but towards all living and non-living things, especially nature, is becoming more critical than ever before.

If the society is to have shared values, it needs to be taught, understood, and modelled through its education system. In contemporary fast-life, the traditional sources of values like family and religion, are getting thinned out for many reasons. In such a situation, educational institutions have an immense role to play.

Value Education Trust, as its name suggests, has a great interest in improving the way our educational institutions address the value system of our society. We are obliged to play our part in promoting the observance and adoption of humane values in the lives of our children.

Value Education Trust

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