Vedic Maths

One of the core objectives of Value Education Trust is to make world-class leaders from the unexpected quarters of our society. Mathematical ability is crucial in developing the critical thinking and reasoning abilities of any individual.

Best Vedic Maths training in Thiruvalla Kerala

Vedic Maths is sometimes regarded as an afterschool activity for the bright kids hailing from elite backgrounds to sharpen their mathematical skills, just so that they could outperform their peers in competitive exams.

Our approach towards Vedic Maths is truly scientific. Through this endeavour, we are trying to create a profound impact on the way our younger generation applies their thought-process while comprehending situations of varied magnitude in life.

We are making Vedic Maths more accessible now!

As planned, the Vedic Math classes for the community children in Edathua has kicked-off!. Vedic Maths is the name given to an ancient system of calculation which is based on sixteen Sutras, or word-formulae. This Vedic Math program of VET is a special initiative of the leadership team, keeping in line with the vision to impart learning skills to the children in the community.

This project, being the first of its kind in the district of Pathanamthitta and perhaps in the State of Kerala too, was officially inaugurated by Mr. Vasan Swaminathan, the Director of Shishak Shishya Academy. The curriculum and workbooks for Vedic Math have been conceived by Mr. Vasan. Ms. Madhu and Ms. Shobhanakumari, members of one of our family forums in Edathua have completed their training for the first level and have been installed as course instructors. This has paved the way for the start of the process of empowering capable women in the community to take leadership roles as well as acquire financial independence.

We have started this novel initiative with 2 batches of 8 students each. The leadership team, office staff, Community Co-ordinator and family forum leaders were present on the occasion.

We hope to expand the scope of this project to all our operational areas.

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