Wings to Their Dreams

Wings to Their Dreams

Jobin, Mariya and Sreeja participated in this project along with ten others. Our donors provided them with textbooks, smartphones, wifi modems and internet connectivity for a whole year.

In addition, they attended twenty online learning sessions conducted by eminent resource persons that helped them to improve their soft, study and life skills. As a result, Jobin scored 98%, Mariya scored 93%, and Sreeja scored 91% in their grade 12 board exams.

We conducted a psychometric test to help them identify their best-suited career based on their personality, interests and aptitude. The one-on-one counselling that followed allowed them to create a career path for themselves.

We provided Jobin, Mariya and Sreeja with financial support for entrance coaching for KEAM and NEET exams. As a result, Jobin has cleared the Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical (KEAM) entrance exam and has secured admission to Electronics and Communications Engineering at a Government college in Kerala.

Do listen to what Jobin has to say about the project.

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