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Many ask whether there is a wonder drug to build one’s memory power. You may be someone older who feels that you cannot recollect as well as you used to. Or you may be a student who is deeply interested to learn how to improve your memorizing skills to achieve academic proficiency. It could be that you have already tried out many ways of sharpening your memory.

There are three components to intelligence:

  • Understanding things with clarity.
  • Taking appropriate action
  • Recollecting what one has learned from past activities.

This implies that it is futile to look for ways to sharpen your memory if the other two are under para.

The key to learning is to re-read and review what we have learnt. Only repeated readings and reviews at regular intervals of time get sustained in our brain. We may recollect some of what we have read and understood once, but the accuracy will not be 100 per cent. If we try to learn something when our body feels tired and too lazy to take notes, we cannot fully recollect what we have learned. An effective way to learn something new is by connecting it with something we are already familiar with. It is a fact that successful learners review what they have learned the next day, the following week and month and perhaps six months after that.

If you are a student, keep reading!

Staying awake for long hours during the night can adversely affect one’s health, digestion, and ability to learn. When we stay awake too late into the night, it becomes impossible to wake up early. Even if we do, we end up being tired and lethargic during the day. It has been scientifically proven that what we learn in 3 hours during the night can be easily accomplished within an hour during the ‘Brahma Muhurta’. 

An hour and a half before sunrise is what is called ‘Brahma Muhurta’. When we start our day at Brahma Muhurta, we stay fresh and active the entire day! It also helps if we can gently massage our body and do some simple stretching exercises as soon as we wake up. Brushing our teeth and washing our face will help charge our body and awaken our brain to grasp what we learn.

Some useful tips:

  • Be content with what you have, except when it comes to learning!
  • Be Curious. Set high goals. Work systematically towards achieving them.
  • Do not envy others who fare better than you. Instead, work hard and work smart.
  • Share your knowledge with others. It will help expand your understanding.
  • Include foods in your diet that help increase your memory.
  • Consult a doctor who can prescribe traditional ayurvedic medicines that help improve your capacity to remember.

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